Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's a Cecret {lake}

Yesterday Mom, Elsie and Jace went for a hike to see the animals and the lake.  The hike was hard because I fell a lot on the rocks coming down from the lake.  I had a fun time though and want to go back again.  My favorite part of the hike was the tiny rocks because I didn't trip on them.  A nice man helped me down off of the big rocks -- he carried me for awhile.  I was happy that he did.

 Me and Elsie getting ready for the hike.  We just got our sunscreen on
Tiny Tiny Elsie is packed up and ready to go.  Her big hat protects her from the sun.
 Here we are running down the path.  I had fun hanging out with my mom and sister.
 That's me standing on a rock with my Lightning McQueen shoes.  
 This is the big stream we had to cross.  It got my shoes really wet and my feet looked funny after. We had to cross four streams on our hike.
 We found a patch of snow!  We tried walking on it but it was slippery and made me a little scared.  
 Everyone told me that I was a strong boy for going on this hike by myself.  
 After a long time we finally made it to the lake.  We found a big big rock and sat to eat and rest.  Elsie was crying and getting hungry so my mom fed her some milk.  
That is our family at the top of the hill next to the lake.  I'm glad we went!
And this a picture that mom took of me on the way home from the hike.  It was a long long hike and I was very tired.  My whole family took a nice long nap when we got home!

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